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Linode (now Akamai)

Installing Appwrite in Linode is also very straightforward, as they have a one-click solution for Appwrite.

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You can use this link to register to Linode and you'll get 100$ credit to use in 60 days!


After login to your Linode account:

  1. Go to the Linodes section from the side menu
  2. Click on Create Linode from the page center.
  3. Choose the Marketplace tab.
  4. Search and choose "Appwrite"
  5. In the Select an Image section you can leave it on the default Ubuntu image.
  6. Select the closed region that most of the users would be
  7. In the server section you can start with Shared CPU and choose the 5$/mo server.
  8. Add your SSH key and set a root password for your droplet.
  9. Click Create Linode

Check this 👇 GIF walking through all the steps.

How to Install LinodeZoom

Now you can go to Post installation page to finish your installation.